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Cole Drake Events

“When we started working with Eliasson Marketing our website was nearly non-functional. As in, we didn’t come up in Google when we directly searched our own name. That realization was utterly terrifying! EM advocated that we burn the old house down and rebuild. They had the bones of the new site built out in a matter of days…DAYS! Their relentless tweaks and nearly round the clock focus prior to launch, allowed for our new site to go live in less than a week. It was mobile friendly, easy to use and super fast. While its challenging to know everything there is to know about each industry, EM works to immerse themselves in our industry as to stay in front of SEO trends as they relate to our success with web traffic and ultimate conversions. We have seen a steady increase in traffic in as little as 4 months. The result has been increase in bookings during a key booking period. EM works with us on a weekly basis to fine tune our ad campaigns and web pictures to keep us current and feature images/ads that get the most traction. EM is fast, responsive and always accommodating to even the most challenging requests. To say we are appreciative of the partnership with EM would be an understatement. Their partnership has been vital to our growth. That’s what you get with EM, partnership.”

Sarah Drake | Principal Planner/ Founder

Cole Drake Events in Napa Valley, California

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Eliasson Marketing offers professional SEO and digital marketing services that will increase your web traffic and help harness conversions on your site for your business. By helping your website reach maximum visibility through organic search, your website will be seen on the first page of Google search engine rankings using a blend of relevant and competitive keywords.

Our SEO tactics will help you reach a broader audience and will allow your website to grow and bring in more traffic through proven SEO strategies. By conveying a consistent message and using targeted brand positioning, our digital marketing team will allow your website’s visibility to increase exponentially by using research-driven methods.

Learn more about how you can grow your business and improve your company’s online presence in just a few weeks.


We Know Digital Marketing


Our team of creative experts use their years of industry knowledge to develop creative strategies for your site and in order to give you a unique and personal online presence.


Using modern, professional, and practical website design tactics, we create bold and conversion oriented websites that are flexible and efficient for your business.


We collect, analyze and report website data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing the way your website is being viewed on both desktop and mobile.

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Eliasson Marketing is a full service marketing firm located in the California North Bay Area. We provide professional services in social media, SEO, content development, and more.



We offer and develop practical content strategies for a wide range of industries with proven success that has generated overwhelming results for local businesses.



Based in San Francisco, CA and Washington, D.C., our team of marketing experts work in a variety of industries with clients all throughout the United States.


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